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The Zodiac's Journey

It probably has already been shown in various contents but just in case humour me in discovering it here for those of you who never came accross that paralell.

Wether it's in movies, tv series or books there's a journey that you can not escape from : the Hero's journey.

Probably one of the first author to talk about it was Joseph Campbell, explaining that in every well written story the hero/heroine must go through a series of events before coming back home and therefore fulfilling his adventure. Events that will shape him/her into the person everyone will look up to or refer to as a "Hero/Heroine".

It will come to no ones surprise that any good hollywood movie has followed this guideline over and over again.

If you take Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or even Forrest Gump for example you will easily identify the steps by which the main character has to go through in order to make his journey throughout the film.

What might come to you as a surprise though is that this guideline is actually based on the zodiac.

Yes, you've read it right, all your favorite movies are actually a basic copy of the zodiac story, so to speak.

To emphasize my point here's a quick overview of how it's played out.

The Hero's journey is divided as followed:

1- The Ordinary World

2 - The Call to Adventure

3 - Refusal of the Call

4 - Meeting with the Mentor

5 - Crossing the First Threshold

6 - Tests, Allies and Enemies

7 - Approach to the Innermost Cave

8 - The Ordeal

9 - Reward

10 - The Road Back

11 - The Resurrection

12 - Return with the Elixir

First things first, it has twelve steps....just like the 12 signs of the zodiac, secondly the different stages are a perfect reproduction of what the twelve signs represents.

For example, Aries is the start of the Zodiac chart, he represents the first step into the new environnment, he's the beginning of Spring where seeds have finally sprouted and you can see them reaching at the surface. Governed by Mars and the sun, Aries can be seen as a proud adventurer who will happily go conquer the world, experiencing everything and living the life he dares to dream.

The Hero/heroine starts his journey in Aries. It's the very beginning of the story where all is set out for you to understand where we are starting.

This would typically be shown in a movie with a succession of scenes showing you the Hero/ Heroine, their house, friends, family and a little information on how their life is usually. It's not the background story yet but it's an outlook of where we are at, and a glimpse into what's to come.

Then comes Taurus, the sensual, materialistic and Venus governed sign. Taurus linked to Nature brings a new dimension to Aries by introducing the moon and it's special lightning. The night becomes the place where different ideas emerge and things are seen. Taurus born are people with great sense of accomplishment and loyalty but are slow in nature. Unlike Aries, Taurus starts to understand that timing is an intricate part of life and that rushing into things usually gets you in trouble.

In a movie/book this stage would be the part where something out of the ordinary happens. Luke gets in contact with C3PO and R2D2 and discovers Princess Leia's message. In "Last Christmas" Kate ran into Tom on the street etc... Those little and yet still insignificant moments are actually the key element that brings the Hero/Heroin further along his journey.

The rest continues following a strict guideline that plays with the zodiac signs personnalities and domains that you will encounter once you're acquainted with them. And just like any good movies, your life too is filled with those steps, those experiences, these mentors and those ordeals. The beauty of it all is that you can now get a sense of your own rhytm, understanding yourself better, as well as, where you stand in the universe at large and even apprehend what's to come.

Some people would argue that life isn't a fairytale, but truth of the matter is, it can be... if you want it to be one. However, life is definitely like a movie and you get to choose which one you want to star in.

So ready for your biggest role yet?

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